C L A R K  S O R L E Y

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It’s curious when you hear successful, high profile people go on about how disillusioned they are with politicians and the political system.

I find it curious because what the hell did they expect? Anyone with even half a degree of cynicism has a low expectation when it comes to politicians. A basic scepticism is built into the system. Adversarial parliaments, opposition parties, a free scrutinising press etc. are all part of the game designed NOT to give the government of the day the benefit of the doubt in any matter.

The understanding is that they will fuck up most things, that we have them do the least amount, and we get them out as soon as possible before another lot comes in to face the same odds. Anything more than that is seriously dangerous. It took human societies ten thousand years to arrive at this. It’s a given and is at least tacitly understood by anyone who has addressed the matter with the tiniest bit of thought.

So this sanctimonious twaddle about being so let down by the government is bollocks. More so because those doing the bleating are probably in their own dealings the most shrewd, cynical and self-seeking people you’ll meet anywhere.

scepticism is built into the political system



commentary • 25.03.03