It was film-maker Ian Roy's idea that we put music and movies together and try to capture Scotland at its magnificent best. While my part was relatively easy, done in the comfort of the studio, Ian put in the miles and the hours travelling around the country, sometimes having to sit a while patiently waiting for a scene to present itself. His instrument was the humble DV camera.

From the skyline of majestic Edinburgh to the darklands of Glencoe, all had their pride of place in that earlier video project from 1999. Here in audio form only, the scenic possibilities were left to the imagination. The music was made up of trip-hoppy grooves and ambient landscapes featuring piano, violin and the occasional vocal. The celtic element was subtle but distinct.

CLARK SORLEY ... Rainmaker

Simone Welsh  violin #2 #10 #11

Fransisca Balke  vocal #6

Clark Sorley  compositions, studio instruments

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

LEG009 ® 1999 - 2000

celtic (instrumental)