JO-DEE ... Fallen

Jo-dee  vocals

Colin Kennedy guitar #2 #4

Robbie Dale  guitar #1

Alan McMenemy  guitar #3

Alan Dale  drums   Billy Law  bass #3

Clark Sorley songs, studio instruments

produced-arranged  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

The Fallen EP was Jo-dee’s first original release. She brought to it all the attributes of the seasoned performer she was, offering up a vocal muscular and energetic. The darkish matter of my songs was well enhanced by Jo-dee’s sassy interpretations. She delivered the tunes with a pop, rock and punk sensibility worthy of anyone in the genre.

Of all the people I worked with on Legacy, few put more effort into the project than Jo-dee. As well as creating the EP cover, she knocked on doors, hustled interviews, and did a live show to launch the release, all of which demanded considerable initiative and commitment. Her vocal talents aside, these things alone stood her apart.

LEG012 ® 2011

pop-rock (vocal)

CRY BABY (Sorley)

Anticipating blissed-out future
Perfect picture
Indicating system failure
Sooner or later

Go on and live for the day
Everyone’s got something to say
Too much loved up sham emotion
Gonna end out in tears

It’s a crime baby
What a cry-baby

Hah Hah Hah...
Cry Baby...
You’re living such a lie baby

Random catch up gonna get ya
Not gonna let ya know
Live by the moonlight
Die in the sunlight
No better way to go

Such a heavy price to pay
Wanna pay it anyway
No more come-down conversation
Gonna burn out in style

What’s the time baby
Such a cry-baby

Hah Hah Hah...
Cry Baby...
You’re living such a lie baby
Running out of time baby
Hey what you done for me lately


I’m not like you
Don’t really like you
What makes you think you’re better than me
Can’t be around you
Could do without you
Making a scene and sighing a sigh

I can see you on the cover of a bad rag
I can see you happy hanging as a fag hag
I can see you getting over what you never had
Sowing the wrong seed
Doing the wrong deed
It’s just a game, praise or blame, it’s all the same to you

Playing dirty
Playing dirty with me (and everybody else)
Playing dirty with me
You think that it’s all about you

Men they aspire
To be your desire
Seems to me they’re on a home run
Picking up on tricks
Getting in a fix
Don’t matter any which way will do

Tell the truth tell the world what you know now
Out of luck time is up you gotta go now
Stay the course play the field like you know how
Walking out the door
Looking out for more
It’s just a game, praise or blame, it’s all the same to you

No two ways about it
I’m sick and tired of your sturm and drang
Bad connection gonna bring a disaffection

FALLEN (Sorley)

Wanna be my fantasy
Don’t you know I’m looking at ya
Wanna taste iniquity
Stick it stick it stick it to me
See right thru me

Satisfy Me

I can make you
I can break you
I can take you any way you wanna go

I can fix you
I can set you up
And lay you down on the ground don’t ya know

I’m fallen down
I’m fallen down.. down.. down

Can you feel the energy
Close your eyes and get the picture
Going down for indignity
Pain or pleasure what’s your measure
Tell me truly
Can you satisfy me