KEVIN YOUNG ... To Die For Twice

Kevin Young  songs, vocals, guitars, bass

Alan Frew  guitars, backing vocals

Clark Sorley  studio instruments, backing vocals

Tracey Graham, Jono  backing vocals

produced  Clark Sorley

assisted  Brian Bellini, Gill Brownlie

recorded-mixed  SonicWorx

Of them all Kev was one of the most gifted. Left alone for a minute a new song might appear such was the ready spark in his vast store of lyrical imagination.

Half the songs on this album, the ones with my arrangements, are from his early writings and like the young Jackson Browne speak with the authority of a much older voice. The music borrows from Americana but shapes itself into a distinct, individual identity and is no less authentic for that.

The other tracks (#1, #2, #5, #7), recorded two or three years later, were stripped down to guitar and vocal. They were done live in studio and for me represented Kevin's most accomplished work to date.

By then a different voice had emerged, the delivery raw and emotive, the lyrical sense penetrating from an alternative flow of consciousness. When supported by guitar parts rich in musicality the effect was complete. It was these attributes that set Young apart in my view from the contemporary crop of singer-songwriters. Dylan and Cohen fans take note. Seriously.

americana (vocal)

LEG019 ® 2008 + 2012