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I liked rock music just as much when it was stripped of its electric pomp. It was, after all, essentially a folk-blues style plugged in to be noisy. So called unplugged became a fashionable mode for a bit though not in time for our particular brand to be accepted by any label.

When the Brooks project kicked off in 1987 our tracks were fully wired at first but to initiate the material we would rehearse around a piano and guitar. We soon found something valuable in the bare interpretations. As we gathered momentum more musicians joined and the palette filled back up again, still with mainly acoustic instruments but by then in expanded form.

With the extra players, the digital reverb and the odd synthetic part, the sound had moved somewhat from its early concept, maybe not always for the better, but still retaining its integrity hopefully captured in this 10-track edit.

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10-Track Edit

performed: Brooks | produced: CS (1990)