C L A R K  S O R L E Y

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I'm not one for all the tedious yak of biography. Suffice, I'm a music-maker whose medium is the recorded work. I've been doing this forever. I started at the nexus of the known universe and will still be around at heat-death with the cockroaches such is my unshakeable dedication to the craft.

I've done so much work I could boast about it. I've produced recordings from punk, prog, jazz, folk, pop, rock, blues, r&b... all the way to orchestras, choirs, comedy and poetry. I even made an album in a monastery once for the monks for Christ's sake!

Spanning punks to monks is no bad thing for the producer. Being diverse is more troublesome for the artist in me however who is expected to be authentic. To the credibility police, if they paid me any attention, I wouldn't be that. I'm a dabbler, a chameleon, a veritable hack, a fake even; one minute a pop tune composer, the next a jobbing session guy. I don't stick around long enough to be rooted in anything.

They might say that makes me not a real artist. I don't make music, I manufacture it. I'm not in the tradition of the bluesmen or the jazzers or the rockers of antiquity, those who cleave to roots and define genres. I belong to no such tribe. I'm an eclectic and a relentless appreciator of much, a blurrer of boundaries. That's what I am.