Futuristic Nature

thoughts on futurism and how some are given to it

Radical Love

thoughts on the need for better attachments

Adventures In Erotica

thoughts on sex

Having It All

that it's patently not possible

Scotland 2014

I said Scotland wouldn't go for independence and wasn't wrong

Britain & America 2016

that Brexit and the Trump phenomenon were regressive


as in how much I hate it


that Scotland's capital city is under-appreciated

Amy Winehouse

that she failed to rise to her great moment

Imagine There's No Bullshit

in defence of John Lennon's song

Dear David

a tribute to Bowie

Sinister Or Sublime

was Michael Jackson a sex abuser after all?

Rock Gods

rock no longer rules but it left its indelible mark

Auteurs Of Music

the case for the studio guy

Art & High Value

asking whether the Internet will change the privileged status of being a successful artist

The Mythology Of Music

the importance of complex social factors in determining music appreciation

Pinker's Percentages

agreeing (mostly) with Steven Pinker that we live in an age of unprecedented peace

No Justice, No Matter

Amanda Knox's nightmare in Perugia finally ended


from politics to the pulpit they are tedious and impossible to take part in

Monogamy At All Costs

that the price paid for exclusive partnerships is too high

The Gift Of Eros

that women are shamed for being sexual

Sex & The English Language

that a better lexicon is needed

Sex & Emancipation

that young women should reject matrimony and procreation

Savile & The Idiot Response

that the reaction to Jimmy Savile was potentially as toxic as he was

Lowery & The Intern

that David Lowery could've done better than attack a teenager for downloading music

The Lefsetz Fallacy

there is no such thing as good

Sentences On A Screen

that I dislike the wholesale move from talk to text


( from "What I Think" )