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the instincts of the corporatist are bureaucratic, predatory, and

competitive, concerned with beating the next guy to the punch



commentary • 16.11.06

I hate the corporatists. I used to be marginally grateful to them thinking them responsible for the material bounty of the modern age - from huge big sheds in every big town full of all conceivable foodstuffs, to all the incredible technology designed to make lives more agreeable. But really most of that has not so much to do with corporatists. Fair enough they stoke the machine but it has more to do with inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries, those movers and shakers who brought such things to life in the first place.

The corporatist merely exploits the imaginative and dogged endeavours of creative people. The instincts of the corporatist are bureaucratic, predatory and competitive concerned with power and control and beating the next guy to the punch. The corporatist has managed to spoil what should be a reason to be cheerful - the easy availability of goods and services.

This triumph over the material elements to a world of plenty should bring out in us nothing other than appreciation and respect and a sense of reverence for the fact that contemporary humanity has managed to succeed as it has. Yet that is not what is felt at all. Most people feel hostile to business. Transactions are done without regard for the intelligence and sophistication that is embodied in them. Many people adopt an adversarial mode when having to deal with a utility company or a bank or a supermarket or virtually any big retailer. They resent the bad customer service and the couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude from those on the front line, who are themselves only a reflection of the dodgy dealers in the back rooms. It is a mark of stupidity that the corporatists have managed to make a misery out of something that should be a cause for celebration. That is why I hate them.